Championing The Excellent Qualities of the Disposable Vape

The disposable vape device has formed a cornerstone of the vaping success story; the simple and easy-to-use design means their popularity has remained high. The basic design has remained unchanged, but developments in materials, manufacturing and extension of the unit’s life span have meant an improved product. They are used by both newer vapers, those who have recently given up smoking and seasoned vapers. This short article will introduce some of today’s best disposable vapes and the many reasons why they remain so popular.

Why So Popular?

The disposable vape pen device is something that is incredibly easy to use, lending itself to the vaping beginner. They also have many other qualities that mean seasoned vapers also use them as a secondary or backup device. Among the reasons why disposable vapes are so consistently popular are –

  • The disposable e-cig is a discrete solution when at work or in a situation where a quick, easy vape is required.
  • The small compact design of disposables means they fit in the pocket or purse when commuting or on a night out without the need for refills or chargers.
  • They are a reliable backup; many vapers will keep a vape pen to hand in case of breakdowns or failure of their primary device.
  • The sealed unit means no messy refilling, which appeals to some; this also is a great quality when travelling.
  • New vapers can try vaping without investing large amounts of their hard-earned cash or learning to use a complicated device.

The disposable vape is also excellent at recreating the sensations of smoking cigarettes, especially when combined with an e-liquid containing the newer Salt nic form of nicotine.

The Disposable Vape Pen

A disposable vape device is a small unit consisting of an internal powered battery and a sealed tank pre-filled with tasty, flavoured e-liquid. The disposable uses a push button to operate the system. They differ from other vape devices in that there is no recharging or refilling; the battery contains enough charge to expend the e-liquid. Advancements in vaping technology mean that a single disposable vape pen lasts for somewhere in the region of five to six hundred puffs which equates to around two full packets of cigarettes. With the ever-rising cost of cigarettes, the price of a single disposable (about six pounds) means their cost alone is a valid reason for giving vaping a try.

What Disposable Vape Pen Is the Best?

Some of the best examples on the market today are the excellent range of tasty flavours in the Elf Bar and Geek Bar ranges; they are compact and represent the peak of the disposable market. The vape pens from the dinner lady range are well regarded, as are the disposables from the superbly named Nasty. There is an amazing wealth of choice that any new vaper can benefit from by trying as many as possible until they find their personal favourites.

Whether you are a vaping veteran or a newcomer, a disposable vape pen is a great solution in a wide range of situations; give one a try today.

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