Is There Any Link Exists Between ADHD and Addiction?

Effective ADHD management is a difficult procedure. When a co-occurring behavior or chemical addiction is present, it becomes more challenging. Addictive behavior affects many individuals with ADHD, and they are frequently ignored and left untreated.

However, there is no definite genetic connection between ADHD and addictive behavior. Complex addictive illnesses are frequently brought on by emotional, behavioral, and environmental factors.

For many people with ADHD, thrill-seeking behavior, the demand for instant satisfaction, and a look for unique pleasurable experiences are more prevalent.

If any person is found to be suffering from both ADHD & addiction then it is high time that the person must be taken to Detox to Rehab center for a suitable professional treatment to get out of their addiction. Addiction issues should never be taken too lightly.

People with ADHD will be more likely to experience everyday stressors like job loss and various financial difficulties, which increases their risk of substance misuse and many other addictive behavior.

At first, addictive activities give the reward circuitry of brain a rush of dopamine that can be incredibly pleasurable. Although the initial “thrill” eventually wanes, addictive behavior persists because of bodily or emotional desires. Some signs of addiction include:

  1. Urges for the required substance or behavior that are intense and urgent. These could be for substances that you need physically (alcohol, cocaine), emotionally (gambling), or sometimes both.
  2. No ability to control consumption. Therefore, having one drink results in seven, and playing video games for thirty minutes results in five hours.

Notwithstanding consequences, usage continues. Although this occasionally involves denial, many people are knowing the issues their addictive behaviors are causing and yet engage in them.

While wanting to quit the behaviors, unable to do so. If this kind of situation occurs, it is now time to consult a therapist who has experience treating addicts.

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