Top 5 Fitness Apps

With the rise of smartphone apps and eCommerce, most people prefer doing their shopping online – accomplishing what they need to do from the comfort of their homes. It often feels like there’s an app for everything now, making smartphones one of the most valuable things you can have at home.

With accessibility and convenience being what the internet masses demand, it’s all about streamlining the daily routine, which is where shopping, gaming and fitness apps come in. There was a time when fitness apps were too simple to make any impact. These days, fitness apps are practically mandatory for those who want some guidance on the way to a healthier overall lifestyle. Same thing with entertainment; watching a BBC box set, catching up with your fave YouTube content creators or placing the odd bet on where the ball will stop at can all be done via an app on a smartphone.

Here are five of the top fitness apps for those looking to get started on the road to health.

  • Centr

What better way to try to maintain your fitness than with the help of a beloved celebrity like Chris Hemsworth? While many celebrities have tried their hand at fitness videos and apps, Chris Hemsworth played the mighty Thor in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. So, you know you’re going to get something meaningful out of the workouts.

  • FitOn

It’s always best to have a customised experience when thinking about workouts and fitness, ensuring that it fits your unique situation. FitOn is one of those fitness apps that takes the time to find workouts based on various factors, including the intensity, the time, and the part of the body you want to improve.

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  • Fitbit Coach/Fitstar

For those that already have the Fitbit tracker, this particular fitness app can be a great addition to your daily workout routine. Even if you might not have the Fitbit tracker, it can still act as a fantastic complementary app on the road to fitness. One of the advantages of the Fitbit coach is that it provides human interaction, letting you work out with the encouragement of a coach. That said, Fitbit Coach premium offers a much more extensive variety of workouts, which means if you’re serious about fitness, you might want to go for the premium version.

  • 8fit

One of the fun things about 8fit is that it’s a fitness app dedicated to workout planning and meal planning. It’s an all-in-one fitness app that works well no matter the scenario, making it the ideal choice for most individuals. It also has an assessment feature where you can see how challenging or easy it might be to meet your goals based on the information you provide

  • Charity Miles

Last but certainly not least is a fitness app that doubles as a charity organization, donating to your charity of choice based on your fitness goals. While there isn’t much else to say, it doubles as a charity, making it one of the more unique apps on this list.

Fitness doesn’t have to be challenging for those who want to make the most out of their opportunities. The fitness apps above offer plenty of ways to meet your fitness goals.


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